ReBels Training

Opportunities for young people at Barbican Theatre...

Our ReBels Talent Development Training Sesions return from Monday 11 January 2021 and are back to being held at Barbican Theatre and The Loft. Check out what we have planned for our Spring term sessions below. You can choose as many sessions for your age group as you like and it will still only cost you £40

(unless you joined back in the Autumn term - in that case you've already paid so it'll cost you nothing more for Januarya to July!)

Safety first

As with our Autumn term we take the safety and health of our participants and colleagues very seriously and will continue to take extra precautions including:

  • Smaller class sizes
  • More classes
  • Extra time between sessions for cleaning
  • Session spaces are 'gridded' so that participants have their own work space 'bubble'
  • Masks must be worn from when you enter the building and can only be removed once the Practitioner says so
If you'd like to join you can register at the bottom of this page and we'll send you all you need to join us! Or you can follow us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter for regular updates and news.

Register your interest in joining ReBels for the Spring Term here:


You are all part of one rebellious family from now on so that whatever your age, your voice will be heard and skills celebrated.

Membership is only £60 for an entire year (for our ages 12 - 15 groups or ages 15 - 25 groups) or for  January - July (Spring & summer terms) is just £40

You get even more opportunities, for the same great value!

Naturally there are going to be some changes to make sure everyone stays safe, happy and healthy. Here is the Nitty Gritty:

Smaller groups in bigger spaces
You will be meeting in a smaller bubble of up to 10 people to make social distancing easier.  Barbican Theatre’s space is going to be too small for delivering socially distanced classes so we will be hiring bigger spaces in Plymouth.

We know that seeing your friends is important and we want you to be able to work with your friends. So you can pick your groups. Each group will have a slightly different focus for the half term to help you and your friends try new stuff.

For ages 12 - 15yrs: the six groups will be project based e.g. comedy, mixing music and movement, contemporary dance, hip hop and spoken word.

For ages 15 - 25 yrs: the classes will still focus on technical training and then you can branch off into one of three creative projects that change every half term e.g devising ghost stories / creating a digital performance / Backstreet Theatre.

There will still be Theatre or Dance training in each project with experienced practitioners you know. However, these smaller groups give us an opportunity to try new things. During the creative time in each class there will be extra opportunities to learn cross overs like stage combat or beatbox poetry too.

Online Opportunities
There will also be a group that will remain online to develop online content like podcasts, films and live-streaming. So if you don’t feel ready for face to face yet, you can still be part of ReBels BHive.

There will be more groups and therefore more classes. You can take part in more than one group if you want - it won't cost you any more!

ReBels means breaking rules, being curious, taking on new challenges and finding your unique voice. Imagine if we uncover an entire new dance style growing out of Plymouth (like KRUMP coming out of LA), or the next music genre (like Grime from London or Drum and Bass in Bristol). Imagine if your job hasn’t even been invented yet? Who’s the next Kae Tempest? What other ways can you tell stories? What stories should we be telling?

Often in the arts world you work alongside other artists, constantly learning new tricks. Sometimes you don’t even end up being a performer but go into film, technology or directing. ReBels will make sure you get the kind of training that gives you a taste of much more than dance and theatre.

We want to support our ReBels as you build your voices and have space to be seen and heard.