ReBels Talent Development

Our ReBels Talent Development 22-23 year starts from 19 September and our ReBels Team are so excited with what we have on offer for the first term.
We've listed to what our ReBels have told us they like and want from their sessions and so for this year we're changing things slightly.

ReBels ages 12-15 & 15-18 

We'll have 2 hour sessions on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays:
5pm - 7pm ReBels Assemble (for ages 15-18)
7pm - 9pm ReBels Music (for ages 15-25)
5pm - 7pm ReBels Dancers (for ages 12 -15)
7pm - 9pm AmpUp (for ages 15-18)
5pm - 7pm ReStage (for ages 12 -15)
7pm - 9pm ReBels Music Production & Podcasting (for ages 15-25)

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ReBels Music (ages 15-25)

Join us in the Music Studio at Barbican Theatre for two 2-hour sessions a week.
7pm - 9pm ReBels Music (for ages 15-25)
7pm - 9pm ReBels Music Production & Podcasting (for ages 15-25)

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ReBels Advanced (ages 18+)

For our Autumn 2022 term we’re mixing things up for ReBels aged 18+. We’re offering a programme of opportunities that include weekly advances classes, guest masterclasses, networking and social spaces, use of our creative spaces for your own ideas and mentorship. 
Advanced sessions run Mondays and Wednesdays plus there will be guest masterclasses and other opportunities too

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Barbican Theatre is a safe space

Safe to be who you are, regardless of race, class, religion, country of origin, immigration status, (dis)ability, age, gender, identity, or sexual orientation.
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Who are ReBels?

You are all part of one rebellious family from now on so that whatever your age, your voice will be heard and skills celebrated.
All classes take place at Barbican Theatre (in the main theatre space, studio or music studio)
ReBels means breaking rules, being curious, taking on new challenges and finding your unique voice. Imagine if we uncover an entire new dance style growing out of Plymouth (like KRUMP coming out of LA), or the next music genre (like Grime from London or Drum and Bass in Bristol). Imagine if your job hasn’t even been invented yet? Who’s the next Kae Tempest? What other ways can you tell stories? What stories should we be telling?
Often in the arts world you work alongside other artists, constantly learning new tricks. Sometimes you don’t even end up being a performer but go into film, technology or directing. ReBels will make sure you get the kind of training that gives you a taste of much more than dance and theatre.
We want to support our ReBels as you build your voices and have space to be seen and heard.


Ages 12 -18 & ReBels Music (ages 15-25)
£20 per term (£60 a year) and you can choose as many sessions as you like  (so you can attend any theatre, dance, music etc sessions for your age for no extra cost!) If you're aged 15-18 you can sign up for ReBels Music as well as the other ReBels weekly sessions all for the one £20 term price.
Ages 18+ Advanced Sessions & Masterclasses
  • £50 per term for all advanced weekly sessions, masterclasses, mentoring and guest workshops (saving approx £160)
  • £30 per set of advanced weekly sessions (usually 5 weeks)
  • £6 per guest workshop


Safety first

We take the safety and health of our participants and colleagues very seriously and will continue to take extra Covid 19 precautions including:
We have a number of measures in place to ensure your comfort and safety, including enhanced hygiene procedures such as the availability of hand sanitiser and cleaning of spaces between sessions.
Whilst we suggest that all workshop members continue to wear masks we appreciate that many people are choosing not to, so please be aware that people working around you may not be wearing a mask. Please get in contact if this is a barrier for you and we can discuss seating logistics and options.
All Barbican Theatre team members are also encouraged to face masks (unless exempt) and will be regularly lateral flow tested. This includes the team front of house and back stage, and performers.
We continue to monitor the latest guidance from the UK Government.
Please do not attend if you have had a positive covid test, either LFT or PCR.
If you have any questions about safety in ReBels sessions please email our ReBels Co-ordinator, Dulcima at