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Take over our building and use our spaces to grow as leaders, artists, and new companies. 

With a Creative Takeover membership you get:
  • access to rehearsal spaces
  • access to hot desks 
  • performance opportunities
  • support / mentorship from members of our creative, production, marketing teams
  • networking / jam nights
Creative Takeover Membership is just £20 per term (approx 10 weeks)
Anyone with membership can book a space in our building at £3 for 1.5hrs including our auditorium, studio and music studio (usually Monday to Wednesday between 10:30am and 4:30pm) 

Book a Creative Takeover Membership >>> 

Who is it for?

This programme supports you to explore new ideas, take creative risks without economic risks and get you collaborating in a creative space. We are excited about you taking over the building and providing the core team with inspiration too! 
We will not ask you for an application/ written statement or any justification for why you want some space - we only ask that you abide by our code of conduct. We’d love to hear about the ideas that you come up with - but whenever you’re ready. We’re creating a number of additional networking and jam night opportunities and we will make sure you get to know about these too - click here for more info. 
We hope to launch in the next few months.  In the meantime please contact and she'll make sure you're the first to know. 

Who is Creative Takeover not for?

Commercial Gain
This space is not available for commercial gain. We would love to support your zumba class/ pilates for dancers/ writers group- but if you are being paid by the participants in the room you will need to talk us about our room hire rates - which are very affordable. Please email us for more info on our costs 
Publicly Funded R&D 
If you are in receipt of Public Funding we would love to support you. Our spaces are available for multi- week/ multi day hires and we love supporting the development of new work. The Creative Take Over isn’t the right scheme- but please email Dulcie and let the talent development team know what you have budgeted for Rehearsal Space- and we’ll make something work for you.


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