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Barbican Are Cultural Producers For Plymouth.

We co-create and produce work across the city with a huge range of partners from commercial business, under-appreciated community groups to city stakeholders. Our model is based on ego-less production- working as facilitators, producers, a venue and a champion for under-appreciated cultural voices.

In the last two years Barbican has reached 2 million people through online events, TV, printed Press, Radio and Podcasts, articles, live events across the city, and our Pay What You Decide programming model.  Our audiences are the holy grail of under 35s non-arts attendees with 70% of our audiences living in areas in the top 10% areas of multiple indices of socio-economic deprivation in the UK.

“....brilliant distinctive programme of work. It’s so cool, of the moment and credible with swathes of people not normally touched by mainstream art sector programmes. It’s a credit to you, Barbican and Plymouth...” Adrian Vinken ex CEO TRP.

Our passion is building Plymouth’s creative voice and giving it a platform. We want the world to meet the next generation of creative leaders that we get to work with every day.

Below is a small selection of the projects we've made in the last 2 years!

Plymouth Undokai

Barbican Theatre celebrates the success of the Plymouth Undokai

12 new games were invented by 70 people from across Plymouth as part of a fun-filled community project that engaged people from 5-75 years old. 

Participants feedback that “Playful community events are brilliant” and “Wow, it was [an] amazing event. First time me and my family [have] played these types of games”

From families, to sports enthusiasts to university academics over 500 people from across plymouth participated in the UK and European Premiere of the Future Undokai Project.


Plymouth Undokai SQ insta

Petrol Headz

When Cars, Drum and Bass, and Dance took over Plymouth:

Performed in ‘21 to over 4500 people across 18 locations including piazzas, night clubs and festivals. We employed 54 local artists and crew - including enabling 10 talented individuals to be able to stay in Plymouth who would otherwise have moved away permanently. There were 22 women in leadership roles across creative and technical production. We offered 4 paid internships in production and choreography and had over 50 young people performing (50/50 over and under 18). We’re talking about work that breaks apart silos across the city- and celebrates the countercultures of the modified car scene (usually seen as outside the law), parkour, graffiti, drum and bass, Mc’s, Chicago footwork, afrobeat, voguing, whacking, hip hop, breaking and contemporary all together on one stage. We were showcasing world class talent- that was already in our city. 

Copy of Credit Brett Lockwood for Barbican Theatre

Neon Romance

Caught in the headlights six individuals come together for a night on top of colourful show cars – sharing Afrobeat, Breaking, Chicago Footwork, Contemporary and Parkour. Putting neon lights, shimmering car-shells, whirring engines and spinning bodies in the driver’s seat. Across Plymouth’s modified car, street sports and dance scene: when the music starts, the night begins and the cars rock up – everyone’s equal.

With a score by dynamic drum and bass MC Maddy V and directed by multi-award winning choreographer Laura Kriefman, this is a celebration of the world-class talent in Plymouth.

Commissions for BBC Arts and One Dance UK as part of Dance Passion 2022.  Neon Romance has been seen by over 120,000 people.

4_NeonRomance_ProductionShot_BarbicanTheatre_photographerDavidCunningham (with BT watermark)

Meet Me at the Sun Dial

Who might be on your next bus trip?

“Meet Me At The Sundial….”

Did you ever say it to your friends or family? Before mobile phones were around, where did you organise to meet people for a shopping trip, a catch up or a wander to The Hoe?

Barbican Theatre, Plymouth commissioned 6 creatives to spend 6 months on the buses putting Plymothians, their relationship with buses and this most iconic of meeting spots in the limelight.


Identity Parade

Barbican Theatre worked with The Box on this gorgeous collaboration celebrating the Dress Code exhibition. Representing Plymouth’s own identity is vital to us and a fashion show was the perfect solution. Plymouth is full of exciting fashionistas who have been creating unique runway looks. This catwalk event, live scored by DJ Adeevah took place in the iconic atrium.


Alternative Audio Guide- A BAS9 Response

Barbican Theatre and Rising Arts engaged a team of 7 dynamic individuals (aged 16 - 25) to shake up British Art Show 9, say what they see and help other people understand what they’re looking at through an Alternative Audioguide (but not necessarily an actual audio guide). The team members didn't need to know about ‘art’ or exhibitions to get involved, we just wanted to hear what they really thought and were looking for people who say it like it is, are curious, thoughtful, might not have ever visited an exhibition before and love a discussion or debate.

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