Undokai November 2023 Impact Report

Undokai November 2023 Impact Report

Barbican Theatre celebrates the success of the Plymouth Undokai!


Find the Impact Report here


12 new games were invented by 70 people from across Plymouth as part of a fun-filled community project that engaged people from 5-75 years old.


Participants feedback that “Playful community events are brilliant” and “Wow, it was [an] amazing event. First time me and my family [have] played these types of games”


From families, to sports enthusiasts to university academics over 500 people from across plymouth participated in the UK and European Premiere of the Future Undokai Project.


One of the games – Smeaton’s Shake has already been played at a second event for Digital Plymouth- Laura Kriefman said “ It was so wonderful to take this high energy, inclusive and fun interactive game that can be played by any sized group to another event. Especially as it had been invented by two local families- who really got into the Spirit of the Future Undokai”.


One the families who created Smeaton’s Shake said:

“We felt so fortunate to be involved in an experience that opened up an entirely new world and new people to us.  To take part in something alongside other people who brought positivity, joy, warmth, an open mindset and a great sense of fun to learning about something new was such a unique opportunity and something I wish we could find more of in our local communities.  For F, who is often reserved and avoids risk taking, in social situations especially, it was evident how successfully you all built an environment where it felt safe to put himself out there!” Abbie Gardiner.


“We were so pleased to get to work extensively across so many different local communities- from youth centres to the Japanese team spending a day at St Matthew’s Academy Primary School. We had families participating from across the home school networks, University students and academics from all three universities.”


In total over the course of the Plymouth Undokai over 60 games were played and we supported 13 events in 14 days!

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