Barbican Theatre is a charity which enables diverse young, new and emerging artists to make, develop and grow.

We do this through:

Running music, dance, theatre, digital, technical and production workshops (at a very accessible price) where young people make friends, learn new skills and train in a theatre with professional artists

Providing emerging artists with rehearsal/performance space and invaluable advice from our staff to help develop their work.

Working with partners to deliver community events which tackle social issues around inclusivity, race, equality and more.

“Progressive organisations, like Barbican Theatre, lead the way with their innovative approach and dedication to diversifying the creative sector.” Matt Griffiths, Youth Music CEO

Barbican Theatre Plymouth wants the world to meet the next generation of creative leaders that we get to work with every day and through our support  help them build sustainable creative careers.

 We Need Your Support:

£10 is the equivalent of a Pay-It Forward ticket for our theatre shows- allowing us to offer free tickets to anyone who self identifies as needing them 

£60 is the equivalent of a young person’s membership to take part in any of our training for a year. 

£100 is the equivalent of 2 terms of advance classes for emerging professionals.

£150 could provide professional staff support for a ReBels Music performance.

£350 could provide an advanced training weekend.

£600 allows us to support a young creative with 40 hours of free rehearsal space. They can create whatever they want, with whoever they want in that time - without the pressure of needing to write an application/ know the outcomes.

£1,500 could underwrite a paid Creative internship on one of our big projects- creating entry level paid roles in the creative industries, that can be used to get more work in different fields (from Technical theatre, production management, producing to Choreography and design).

£2,000 could underwrite 4 free theatre tickets for any event at the Barbican
Theatre for an entire year. Tickets are available without question for anyone who feels in need- and creates a permission for audience members to experience new types of work and builds on our Pay What You Decide work.

£4,500 enables us to work in a community area for 3 months working
with local residents to build a brand new community owned Giant Puppet and for us to produce a puppet parade in their area of the city, with all our Giant Puppets being built across Plymouth.

£20,000 enables us to pay world class South-West Talent to be part of a major city-wide community production like PetrolHeadz. Productions like these bring together professional, community and emerging creatives, often with 70 people in the cast, and performing to 1,000 people each performance.

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