Wheelchair access

The Barbican Theatre building has step free access from arrival with a lift that can access all floors including The B-Bar on the ground floor, auditorium and studio on the first floor and offices on the first and second floors.

Wheelchair seating

There is wheelchair accessible seating available in Row B, if you require wheelchair accessible seating please add an 'Access Member' membership to your profile and you will have exclusive access to these seats.

Street access

While the Barbican Theatre building is accessible to those who use wheelchairs or with limited mobility, given the historic nature of the Barbican with it’s narrow and often cobbled streets accessibility for those with limited mobility before your arrival can be challenging.

Hearing loop

There is a hearing loop installed in our auditorium, which works through a hearing aid's 'T' setting.

Auditorium seating

The seating in the auditorium is raked and the seats have arms, when rows X & Y are in use the seats do not have arms.

Seating - 17in/43cm Wide, 18in/46cm Long. Back - 20in/51cm Wide, 19in/48cm Long

Please get in contact if you do not think this seating will work for you and we can explore options.

Accessible toilets

There is an accessible & all genders toilet available on the same floor as the auditorium. There is an accessible toilet and gendered toilets available in the B-bar.

Sensory experience

Barbican Theatre: When you come up the stairs toward the Barbican Theatre the stairs are lit, there isn't music playing but you can often hear music or people in the B-Bar. The theatre itself has lower lighting to walk into and the seating will be dark during performances. The sound and lighting is different for each show, we try to give warnings for any triggers, loud noises or flashing lights in pre show emails and on our notice screens.

B-Bar: The B-bar has recorded music playing during the day and a moderate level and the space is well lit, during the evening there are often live music events which are louder and it's likely to be busier and slight lower lighting.

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