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From community areas to wild landscapes, spaces all around us are being stolen, lost, mishandled. Inspired by the attempted Wild Camping Ban on Dartmoor and the rising destruction of other community spaces, this episodic play explores the reaction to the loss of spaces through snapshots of various peoples’ lives. Combining stylised movement, original music and new writing, this abstract show dives into the meaning of spaces for the individual.


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What is it?

Are you aged 16 - 25 and looking for your first job in the arts?

Are you an emerging creative looking for inspiration, a chance to be mentored and a chance to create your own touring show? 

Do you want to get trained, learn how to make your own D-I-Y show, get a chance to crack on and do it, and tell Plymouth and Devon the stories you want to see on stage? AND get paid to make it and tour it? 

Rebels Performance Company is a year long opportunity for 

  • 10 weeks of training 
  • 10 weeks of devising and creative world building 
  • 10 weeks as a paid company creating a touring show for Summer 2024!

It’s perfect for anyone who wants to explore establishing a career in the Creative Industries. 

You don’t need to be an expert or have any professional credits - just an open mind, willingness to learn and loads of ideas!


  • We are looking for people who would be willing to share their experience with a young writer who is creating a piece of theatre. These interviews may be used as verbatim text but you will not be identified in the final script. The interview will be casual and last no longer than 20 minutes. There is a payment of £30 for your time. We are specifically looking for:
    • People with refugee experience
    • People who have experienced eviction
    • People with experience of being made homeless or having lived on the street, especially in regard to hostile architecture


How can I get involved?

There are 3 ways to get involved:

  1. Be part of the creative team! Working together with a producer and a team of mentors, the creative team will build the piece. The first 2 terms will be training on how to make a show as well as building the piece. The 3rd term will be a PAID facilitation opportunity as you work with the cast to put the pieces together! We’re looking for a:
    • Director
    • Choreographer
    • Set Designer
    • Musical Director/Composer
    • Writer
    • Assistant Producer

2. Be a member of the cast! We’ll be holding auditions for the core cast in the Spring Term - this will involve performing in different venues throughout the summer and going on a mini tour! This is a great opportunity to get an early career professional credit! We are looking for:

      • Actors
      • Musicians
      • Singers
      • Dancers
      • Movers

3. Be a member of the creative team! As we approach the performance dates we will be looking for a team to help bring everything together. We are looking for people who are just starting their career and looking to get their foot in the door. This will be a paid opportunity. We are looking for:

    • Stage Managers
    • Lighting Designers
    • Sound Engineers
    • Assistant Set Designers
    • Animators 
    • Costume designers 
    • Marketing
    • Photographers and film makers 


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Why We Exist...

We believe that young people's creativity has no limits or restrictions

How we do the Why...

You can't be what you can't see.

A young person should encounter endless different creative outlets and opportunities to help find the best way to express themselves. Without financial, social or cultural barriers.

What ReBels do...

We provide project focussed training groups that allow young people to experience and develop with mutiple artforms and styles, while focussing on one production or performance. We listen to our young people to find out what they want - if we don't already cover subjects or artforms they want that's how we find out and develop with and for them.

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