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We are Barbican Theatre: supporting Plymouth’s own creative voice and giving them platforms to be heard!

Get Involved!

We are inclusive and want to work with all kinds of people to make outstanding theatre, dance and all other types of live performance.

You can get involved in so many ways; not just as a participant or an audience member. You could be a technician, a producer, choreographer, director, writer, designer or interested in arts marketing. There are so many opportunities and experiences we want to help emerging talent explore and engage with so that together we can create work that inspires, challenges, entertains and educates.

Get Creative!

We believe that creativity belongs to everyone, so we ensure that our performances and workshops are affordable and accessible.

We also specialise in taking our work out to schools, into public spaces and to communities.

Petrol Headz at Plymouth Speedway

The chequered flag drops – are you ready for a spectacular night that will leave your car windows shaking, make you want to paint your car and jump on it’s roof to dance your socks off

A show for Plymouth full of:

Roaring sound systems…Drift cars…Showcars....Speedway bikers…Skateboard tricks…Parkour stunts…Street dancers…DJs and MC battles…

Who said cars were just for driving?