Sat 28 Sep




Approx 50 mins




£12 Full, £10 Concessions

“I am a duck. I am the paddling type, the one with the legs, the one that moves serenely through the world with a nod and a smile – or a flap and a… beaks can’t smile, or maybe they always smile, is it a smile if the emotion isn’t there too? I suppose it must be, I can do that, and when I do that I am still smiling, yes. With a flap and a smile.”

A funny and moving new play written by autistic writer and poet, Rhi Lloyd-Williams. The Duck is an exploration of one woman’s world after she is diagnosed with autism.

Patterns and connections are fashioned from fragments of memories in this powerful and beautiful play. Imagine you spent your whole life believing everyone was pretending to be someone else; that the mask you had constructed was the same as everyone else’s, only to discover yours is the only mask. Imagine you are the swan who instead of finding your place in the world, built a duck-mask and learnt to waddle.

This is not about showcasing all autism, this is about having a rounded autistic character look at her own life – its joys and difficulties – and share it with honesty and vulnerability.

Starring Lucy Theobald, and Directed by Jo Loyn, prepare to be washed this way and that as you follow the tangential threads through her mind.


What is a Relaxed/Considerate Performance?

This performance is for all audiences, but Relaxed/Considerate Performances are designed with extra consideration for for anyone who would benefit from a more relaxed performance environment – including those with an autism spectrum condition or learning disability.

  • There will be no music or other sounds played during the performance
  • There will be no strobe lighting
  • Dress code is as formal or informal as you would like – wear what you feel comfortable in!
  • Try to be as considerate of other people’s different sensory needs as you would like them to be of yours.
  • If you need to leave during the performance then you are free to do so. It’s fine to come back again too. You are not trapped in here, and you are not getting in the way of the performance if you need some space

Further information can be found on Autact Theatre’s website. Please feel free to get in touch or speak to a member of staff on the day if there is anything else you’d like to know – there are no stupid questions! Alternative you can email or tweet @autacttheatre and the company will reply to you ASAP.


Seating is usually pre-allocated for performances (if it isn't it will say so on the booking page). Audiences are advised to arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the show to allow for time to take their seats before the performance begins. If you require disabled/accessible seating, please call us on 01752 267131 to discuss your requirements.

Barbican Theatre

The Barbican Theatre
Castle Street

(Barbican Theatre is behind the Mayflower Visitor Centre opposite Mayflower Steps and The Prawn!)

01752 267131 (Mon - Fri 11am - 3pm)


Pre-booked tickets can be collected from the Box Office at Barbican Theatre from 1 hour before your performance starts, unless you have opted to have them posted (for an additional charge of £1 per order at time of booking) Tickets can also be bought for that day's performance from the box office from 1 hour before performances begin (subject to ticket availability)

Saturday 28th Sep 2019


This is a Relaxed/Considerate Performance - please see the show information for further details