ReBels Advanced (aged 18+)

For our Autumn 2022 term we’re mixing things up for ReBels aged 18+. We’re offering a programme of opportunities that include weekly advances classes, guest masterclasses, networking and social spaces, use of our creative spaces for your own ideas and mentorship. 
Scroll down for how much this costs - there are various options for those who want to take part in all of this or just dip in and out! As ever we think these offer incredible value. 



Weekly Advanced classes

Each class will run for 5 weeks led by a leading practitioner who was a specialist skill to share with you. With a minimum of two advanced classes running every week, you can sign up to as many as you like. This  term we’re offering…

Mondays 7:30pm - 9pm: Open Advanced Dance Class with Charlotte Eaton (ages 18+)

(19 Sept, 26 Sept, 3 Oct, 10 Oct, 17 Oct)

Included within the Full Advance Membership of £50 or pay £30 to attend just these 5 sessions. 

Over the weeks, we will groove continuously for the class, exploring our imagination and bodies through the physical/mental freedom that movement brings. Classes will involve elements of improvisation and will charge the movers up to learn sequences which pull on contemporary techniques, merging floorwork with flow and accented moments. All movers have full permission to adapt movement to suit their bodies and how they are feeling. We will be working both in socks and barefoot throughout the class, and you are advised to wear long sleeved tops and joggers. Bring water and layers and expect to have fun, sweat and celebrate yourself as a mover. 
About your Advanced Session Leader: Charlotte Eaton
Charlotte is a professional movement artist, performer and educator trained at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London. She holds a BA (Hons) Contemporary Dance, MSc Dance Science and is currently working on her PhD looking into dance improvisation, also with Trinity Laban. Playfulness, exploration and curiosity fuel her practice. She enjoys playing with the mind-body connection, exploring sensations of the body and imagery. Charlotte regularly performs both her own work and that of choreographers in front of audiences and the camera. She has featured in a variety of staged works, music videos and dance films. Alongside her performance work, she works as a lecturer of Dance, Acting and Theatre in Higher Education institutions across the South West and within community theatre settings. Charlotte is excited by chaos, fun, messy experiments and above all things, the feeling of the body moving.

Wednesdays 7:30pm - 9pm:  Stage Combat with Keith Wallis (ages 18+)

(21 Sept, 28 Sept, 5 Oct, 12 Oct, 19 Oct)

Included within the Full Advance Membership of £50 or pay £30 to attend just these 5 sessions. 

This five-week programme offers actors and performers the opportunity to learn the fundamental skills in unarmed action performance for stage and screen. Whether it's for theatre, Film & TV, musicals, dance, opera, motion capture or other performance specialisms many productions require some kind of action performance or fight scene, and so training in stage and screen combat is an important part of any actor's training. 
This course aims to provide performers with a wide range of unarmed combat techniques, from simple scenarios such as pushes, slaps, or someone falling over, to punches, kicks, knees, blocks, contact strikes, locks and many more. With a strong emphasis on safety, physical/spatial awareness, good partnering skills and communication, and the ability to learn and adapt to choreography, this programme aims to give you the skills you'll need for any future projects requiring fights or action. Beginning with basic techniques, and progressing on to intermediate and advanced, each week we'll explore how techniques apply to fight choreography, and in the final week students will have the opportunity to perform fight choreography, and put into practice all the skills they've learned. 
As a highly physical class those wishing to participate should bring suitable loose clothing for movement work, along with a pair of trainers or dance shoes. A bottle of water is also advised.
About Your Advanced Session Leader: Keith Wallis
 Keith Wallis is a professional fight director and action performance tutor based in Cornwall. He began teaching stage fighting at the National Youth Theatre back in 2007, followed by his first fight directing credit in 2008 for the stage production Sons of York at the Finborough. Over the past fifteen years he has gone on to choreograph fights for a wide range of projects and productions across the UK, as well as teaching stage combat at some of the UK’s top acting schools and Universities, including LAMDA, Italia Conti, East 15 Acting School, Arts University Bournemouth, Falmouth University, Plymouth University and Trinity Laban Conservatoire. Recent projects include choreography for Paines Plough, Theatre Royal Plymouth, The Almeida, The Arcola and the Orange Tree, stunt coordination for the BAFTA nominated Lady Macbeth, starring Florence Pugh and historical weapons demonstration for Dan Snow’s History Hit series. In 2018 he formed Master at Arms, a new organisation dedicated to developing and improving the teaching of action performance for theatre and film. You can find out more by visiting

Mondays  7:30pm - 9pm:  Physical Theatre with Perry Johnson (ages 18+)

(31 Oct, 7 Nov, 14 Nov, 21 Nov, 28 Nov)

Included within the Full Advance Membership of £50 or pay £30 to attend just these 5 sessions. 

Session content TBC
About Your Advance Session Leader: Perry Johnson
Perry started dancing at the age of 18 at Street Factory in Plymouth where her learned multiple styles of hip hop, his main discipline was breakin’.
He performed in London at Rich Mix in 2012 for Frantic Assembly as part of their Ignition company. He continued to work for Frantic Assembly each year as a peer mentor and trained as a Frantic Practitioner in 2015. He has since worked nationally and internationally, directing residencies and leading theatre workshops in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Norway, and Australia.
Perry studied dance in Plymouth and was awarded a BTEC level 3 extended diploma 2015 and also in 2016 completed a BTEC level 4 HNC in dance.
Performances include: Frantic Assembly “Speak Up”, Rich Mix, Directed by Scott Graham & Neil Bettles; Avant Garde “Black Box”, Barbican Theatre Plymouth, Choreographed by Tony Abigun; Matthew Bourne’s “Lord of the Flies”, Theatre Royal Plymouth, Choreographed by Scott Ambler; Street factory’s “hip hop iz”, Barbican Theatre Plymouth; Frantic Assembly’s “Man Up”, Latitude Festival, Directed by Neil Bettles & Jonnie Riordan; alats dance circus company “room 2 heal” Barbican Theatre, Choreographed by Sophie Northmore; Underworld “born slippy” and “dark train” at Alexandra Palace, choreographed buy Neil Bettles; Barbican Theatre Plymouth "Petrol Headz", choreographed by Laura Kriefman.
Perry also features in Barbican Theatre's BBC Arts & Once Dance UK's Dance Passion film commission 'Neon Romance'

Wednesdays  7:30pm - 9pm: Protest Art & Journalism with Fotonow (ages 18+)

(2 Nov, 9 Nov, 16 Nov, 23 Nov, 30 Nov)

Included within the Full Advance Membership of £50 or pay £30 to attend just these 5 sessions. 

Session content TBC
About Your Advanced Session Leaders: FotoNow
Fotonow believe in the power of creative media to enable people’s voices to be heard. We’re passionate about nurturing ambition, growing confidence and empowering both individuals and communities through media and education.
We bring together expertise in education, community development and media production to develop and run creative projects that make a difference to people’s lives. We’ve been based in Plymouth since 2010, and work across the South-West on a wide array of projects.

FotoNow website

Guest Masterclasses

Learn, work and develop with industry professionals,  experts and guest artists. We’re offering you access to many different subjects and disciplines over the autumn 2022 term - from Bharatanatyam to voguing, script writing to spatialised sound . We want people to have as much access to different areas of performing arts and culture as possible - this way they can try something new and may discover a new passion in life or even something they want to pursue a career in. 
When you attend masterclasses led by our guest touring artists you’ll also get a ticket to their show included in the price too! 

Included within the Full Advance Membership of £50 or pay £6 to attend each of these sessions. 

For the Autumn 2022 term we have the following confirmed: 
Thursday 15 September 6pm - 8:30pm + performance (for ages 10+)
“Musicality in the Dancing Body" A Workshop with Divya Kasturi
Experience level: For dancers of any style with at least five years+ experience - who are ready to go to the next level and  take part in a short public performance! Includes a ticket to To Varnham With Love performance on 16 September (7:30pm)

Included within the Full Advance Membership of £50 or pay £6 to attend just this workshop

About the workshop
Experience Diyva’s unique choreographic style and creative approach to making a dance piece! In this dynamic workshop, you’ll explore themes from her beautiful solo dance theatre production ‘To Varnam…with love’ and will be invited to take part in a five minute group performance ahead of her professional show. An opportunity not to be missed…
Learn to:
  • Master the collaborative process
  • Negotiate creative ideas with others
  • Understand and develop your own creative methods
Divya Kasturi is a South Asian dancer, choreographer and vocalist with 30 years of experience.
She specialises in Bharatanatyam, Kathak and Western contemporary dance and performs worldwide in New York, Sydney, Paris and Mumbai. She has worked with the BBC, Sir Paul McCartney, Theatre de Complicité, Nitin Sawhney and for Indian children’s television.
The workshop  will include a technical rehearsal. 
You will be needed from 6pm on Friday 16 September for a final practice and to perform as a curtain raiser for Divya's performance 
The masterclass includes a ticket for the show
Thursday 3 October 6pm - 8:30pm 
Outlier Masterclass. Spoken word & music with Malaika  & ticket for the show.  

Included within the Full Advance Membership of £50 or pay £6 to attend just this masterclass.

Further information to be added shortly.
Thursday 21 October 6pm - 8pm (times tbc) For ages 18+
'Bad Sex Writing' with Laura Horton & Leah Ingall.

Included within the Full Advance Membership of £50 or pay £6 to attend just this workshop

About the workshop
Tongue in cheek, comedy romance writing inspired by ‘My Dad wrote a Porno’. find ways in to writing viscerally about intimacy and write comically about sex... 
This masterclass is begins our search for the best/ worst sex writers in the south west.  Join   Laura Horton and assistant practitioner Leah Ingall to create engaging, funny and accessible writing about sex, for a show in November. Spend the next 3 weeks honing your text and then submit for narration by local performers and comedians  in Laura's Bad Sex Writing Show.
Thursday 3 November 6pm - 8pm (times tbc) For ages 18+
'Uncensored: Narration & Spoken Word' workshop with Laura Horton.

Included within the Full Advance Membership of £50 or pay £6 to attend just this workshop

About the workshop
Laura Horton  will guide you through spoken work and narration techniques to bring the newly commissioned bad sex writing to life. Like if Letters Live and My Dad Wrote a Porno had a baby - get prepapred to narrate a new piece of cheekily bad sex writing for Laura Horton's upcoming event in November
Thursday 10 November 6pm - 8:30pm. For ages 18+
Vincent Dance Theatre Masterclass
The masterclass will also include a ticket for Vincent Dance Theatre's 'Hold Tight' performances at Barbican Theatre on Saturday 12 November (7:30pm)

Included within the Full Advance Membership of £50 or pay £6 to attend just this masterclass.

About The Masterclass
The workshop will  be led by Vincent Dance Theatre's Artistic Associate, Janusz Orlik and will focus on Vincent Dance Theatre's signature practice: partnering skills and structured improvisation, followed by a series of choreographic tasks to find meaning in movement. and  practice exploring writing and the translation of words and feelings into gesture and simple movement phrases. Their experience working intergenerationally will threaded through the workshop so that all tasks and exercises are CPD for those facilitating intergenerational projects. 
Friday 25 November 5pm - 7pm. For ages 18+
Chagall Masterclass
Meet Chagall and her 'Baby' installation. Observe and explore the technology practically before watching a premiere demonstration by Chagall.

Included within the Full Advance Membership of £50 or pay £6 to attend just this masterclass.

About the masterclass
What will I be doing in the masterclass?
Meet Singer/producer/tech developer Chagall , and find out how she reimagines the world of live electronica with movement sensors, interactive visuals and lights. Meet her new installation BABY and get to grips with the technology and creative ideas on a practical level by moving, singing and observing. Watch a preview performance of how Chagall uses sensor enabled gloves and full body capture suits to allow her to make music and lighting real time tech-heavy performance.
Who is Chagall?
Chagall is Dutch electronic music producer, songwriter, singer, performer & music technology innovator. She creates audio-visual live pop music performances that reimagine the world of live electronica, visuals arts and choreography, supported by the latest sensor technology that she and her team develop in collaboration with several tech companies. With these new motion based controller technologies she uses the movement of her body to control all electronic sounds and visuals in real-time.
The aim of Chagall’s work is to humanise the digital and to create experiences that have an emotional impact that is as strong as music made with traditional instruments. At the same time she shows that technology is not just a gadget but a driver for artistic possibilities and the birth of a new art form of which the boundaries of creativity are yet unknown.
In 2014 Chagall joined the London music tech startup MiMU to develop the musical “MiMU Gloves” which kicked off her fascination for the humanisation of electronic music performance and stimulated her to learn more about computer programming. Chagall produces all her tracks and does a lot of the software development and programming herself.

Mentorship & Social networking

If you sign up for the full term membership you'll also have access to our Mentorship programme with essential freelancer  training and 1:1 meetings.
Our social networking evenings come in all shapes and sizes, freelance skill exchanges , scratch nights and Christmas parties! 

How much does it cost? 

Full membership £50 to access all of the weekly advanced sessions, guest masterclass and mentoring sessions (saving you £120+) in the autumn 2022 term. They will also have access to an exclusive dance intensive and performance opportunity.
Advanced weekly sessions£30 for 5 weeks (per advanced session - choose from 2 options a week)
Guest masterclasses: £6 each (book in advance)
Mentoring is only available to those who sign up for the full membership