Blasted Fiction

The View From a Telephone Wire


Please collect tickets at The Lab from 20 minutes before the performance begins

The blackbird is sat on a telephone wire, looking down upon the street, as the dregs of the city try and find their way home before the sun rises.

Our protagonist is among them.

This is not a play. This is not a gig. It occupies the space inbetween.

A three-piece alternative rock band, a man and a microphone, Blasted Fiction combine music and text to create something unique.

This performance tells the story of one man and his journey through lonely evenings, wild nights, heartbreak and lust, as he tries to come to terms with where he is in his life…or maybe it’s about something bigger than that.

MULTI-BUY DISCOUNT: Buy for up to 4 shows and save money!
One show for £8
Two shows for £14
Three shows for £18
Four shows for £20