Performance Training

Summer Performance Platforms


Fri 12 Jul
- Sat 13 Jul


Performance 7:30pm

Box Office open 6:30pm


Approx 1 hour


All ages


£6 concessions, £8 full


You’re invited to two evenings of innovative dance and theatre created and performed by our Barbican Theatre Performance Training groups

Friday 12 July 2019 7:30pm INDRA and Theatre Junction

INDRA Plymouth
‘To Shave Or Not To Shave’

To shave or not to shave that is the question? Straight, curly, wavy? Black hair, blue? We all have a relationship to hair whether its there or not. Indra Plymouth explore stories of their relationships with hair…and not just the stuff in your head!

Theatre Junction
‘Second Person Narrative’

Theatre Junction are performing an extract from Second Person Narrative by Jemma Kennedy – a play which looks at one girl’s life from her birth to death. During the first half of the year, the group have been exploring physicality, voice and working as an ensemble to tell stories.

Saturday 13 July 7:30pm COMPANY b Dance and Dance Junction

Dance Junction

Exploring the 5 senses.

Sound – How this has the ability to overwhelm us but also to give us power and meaning.

Smell – How this is connected to so many memories and moments that are personal to us.

Touch – The ability to explore and feel different textures, to manipulate and also to understand.

Sight – How we value and take for granted.

Taste – What is personal taste? Maybe it’s gross to us, maybe it’s delicious.

‘You, I, We’

Piecing together 2 previous works that the company has performed this year into something new. ‘You, I, We’ explores our natural movements, what has come before us and what is yet to come, whilst thinking about how this connects us to one another. Junction really wanted to implement technology within this work, to enhance their thoughts and ideas behind this piece, whilst also exploring how this element effects the subject matters they have explored together.

‘House Party’

Building on previous work, COMPANY b Dance continue to look at how we interact with each other. This is framed within a house party event and how we try to connect with each other through music, dance, and talk.

‘Party Hard’

Stumbling into a house party, COMPANY b Dance confront some of the unspoken rituals and situations that may take place in this environment.
Parties can be… Awkward.  Uncomfortable. Challenging. And sometimes fun… I guess?


‘Skin’ has been devised in response to the earlier work ‘Party Hard’. While ‘Party Hard’ delves into a single event, ‘Skin’ examines fragments of those peoples’ lives. Drawing upon memories and imagined moments: family, friends, people who barely know each other & complete strangers all encounter one another.

I’ve seen you in my dreams before… I do not know you yet.

People change.
They shed their skin.
Some people stay.
Some people leave.
We are curious.
We learn.
We age.

We can easily lose the passion for things that once may have filled us with joy.
Sometimes our shadows seem like they have a mind of their own.
We recognise that no matter how brief or how monumental the contact we have or have had with others in our lives that every person will leave some sort of imprint.

Beneath our layers, who are we really?


Full £8

Under 16s £6

Over 60s £6

Registered disabled £6

Students £6

Ticket prices are inclusive of all booking fees and charges. Tickets can be booked 24 hours a day on this website or by calling 01752 26171 11am – 4pm Mon – Fri. Tickets can be collected from the Box Office at Barbican Theatre from 6:30pm on the day of your performance (unless you have opted to have them posted)

COMPANY b Theatre’s performance of Don Juan will take place on Wednesday 17 and Thursday 18 July at 7:30pm. More info/book tickets here


Seating is usually pre-allocated for performances (if it isn't it will say so on the booking page). Audiences are advised to arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the show to allow for time to take their seats before the performance begins. If you require disabled/accessible seating, please call us on 01752 267131 to discuss your requirements.

Barbican Theatre

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Pre-booked tickets can be collected from the Box Office at Barbican Theatre from 1 hour before your performance starts, unless you have opted to have them posted (for an additional charge of £1 per order at time of booking) Tickets can also be bought for that day's performance from the box office from 1 hour before performances begin (subject to ticket availability)

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