ReBels Music

ReBels Music is here to celebrate all lines of work in the music industry and give young people the opportunity to explore and create.

ReBels Music is part of our wider talent development work supporting the underground voices and subcultures in Plymouth -  giving them platforms to be heard. ReBels Music is funded by Youth Music will support the growth of musical talent in the city. Not only those who want to perform, but those who want to record, produce, market and design tours that promote their work.
Barbican Theatre believes you ‘can't be what you can't see’, and this programme aims to break down barriers to expose young people to all the vital roles that make up the music industry, and work with industry leading professionals.  We want to break the isolation, and give young artists routes to finding their own creative voices - whether as lyricists, composers, producers, mixers, engineers or musicians.

ReBels Music Weekly Sessions

Here's what ReBels Music sessions we have for our Spring 2022 term, for ages 15-25 which start from Monday 10 January


Music Production - Mondays 5pm - 7pm (ages 15-25)
Learn about and develop skills in producing music from our industry experts, using software such as Logic Pro X / Ableton. Record your own music and get advice from music producers.
Led by Benny Crispin & Rose Kimberly at Barbican Theatre, Castle Street in the Music Studio.
ReBels Music - Mondays 7pm - 9pm (ages 15-25)
Work with ReBels musicians to write songs, mix music, play instruments and find your own sound.
Led by Rose Kimberly & Jo Cooke at Barbican Theatre, Castle Street in the Music Studio
Music Production & Podcasting - Wednesdays 5pm - 7pm (ages 15-25)
Learn about and develop skills in producing music or creating podcasts from our industry experts, using software such as Logic Pro X / Ableton. Pick your topic, your sound and we will help you to put your voice out there. With Jon Fazal and Zoe Bloss
Led by Jon Fazal & Zoe Bloss, Barbican Theatre, Castle Street in the Music Studio

Join ReBels

Annual ReBels membership is £60 and covers attendance of all ReBels Music weekly sessions, plus any other ReBels Talent Development sessions (acting, dance, tech, writing, producing) for your age group for an entire year (starting form when you first sign up)
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Barbican Theatre is a safe space

Safe to be who you are, regardless of race, class, religion, country of origin, immigration status, (dis)ability, age, gender, identity, or sexual orientation.

Why ReBels Music?

ReBels Music is designed to give young creatives access to role models who would otherwise not come to Plymouth to run masterclasses, workshop and labs. Opening  up opportunitions beyond the obvious. We will offer free of charge access to a new podcast and recording studio (coming later in 2021). Alongside this there will be an extensive range of free masterclasses from spatialised sound, composing for choreography, VJing and Folio sound design.
ReBels Music is about allowing young people to find their creative voices through music - and creating opportunities for cross pollination across creative mediums. We want to foster the new sound that could emerge from Plymouth, and give young people and emerging artist a strong platform to succeed in generating a sustainable career in music.
Our ReBels Music programme is funded by Youth Music, and responds to a direct need established by our young people, who told us
  1. Traditional singing and music lessons are too inaccessible as they are too expensive for our young people
  2. Any musicians we have are self taught- so getting no feedback - which they really want.
  3. When they are devising their own productions they would like more music built in. (Company B composed all their own music for Mermaids Tale). They identified that though the current practitioner pool could sign post them to resources the Barbican didn’t currently have time in our schedule, or all the in house skills needed to support them to develop their musicality.
  4. Although we’d been creating amazing collaborations through ‘Open Circle’ with Kurdish dancers and singers, Bharatnatyam, and our ‘Day of difference’ schools work there wasn’t an opportunity for that musicality to be explored at the same level as the dance and drama.
ReBels Music will work closely with the B-Bar, Plymouth City Council, Plymouth Music Zone, The Granary Studio, Weekender Festival, and the Grassroot music initiative to create a wider pipeline in - this also supports the findings from Music Venues Trust.

ReBels Music films & videos

Barbican Theatre's PETROL HEADZ ON TOUR (Summer 2021)  featuring professional and emerging artists from the Plymouth area including our junk band and MC Maddy V (who has worked with members of ReBels Music)

Barbican Theatre's Play It Loud Livestream gig (16 April 2021)  featuring professional and emerging artists and musicians from the Plymouth area. Including a DJ set from ReBels Music's Jacob Elder, singer songerwriter Chloe Carrubba, a collaboration between Jacob Elder and MC Maddy V and acoustic soloist Andy Quick.


A special lockdown livestream edition of Barbican Theatre's Wassail & Warmth (29 January 2021) Featuring specially selected music from Alex Hart, Jon Fazal, ReBels Music's Caitlin Brawn, Barbican ReBels and Coffee Cup Choir and Take A Part Coxside partners Crab & Bee. We'll also be showing the film 'Wildings' created by Karen & Fiona Evans & the Orchard clan of a traditional wassail ritual.

ReBels Masterclass webinar: Building a career in Music whist living in he southwest (recorded 22 January 2021)

In this session our pannelists chat through the pros and cons of living in the South West and what led them to base their careers in the Plymouth area? Maddy V is a multi-genre MC and musician, and is part of the Bristol based label Sikastudios. Benny Lau Crispin is a Director of Milk Box Music Group Ltd. Based at their recording studio ‘The Granary Studio’ in Callington Cornwall, the company has grown to offer a range of services from music engineering and recording, production tuition, record label management, distribution and promotion services aimed at up and coming musicians and producers from all over the South West. (Benny is one of our ReBels Music Practitioners)

In this masterclass Plymouth singer songwriter legend Alex Hart discusses the writing, recording and releasing of her latest album, which she recorded from home during lockdown.Find out how Alex started out and where her musical journey has taken her. She also gives advice about ‘doing it yourself’ and not needing a record company to release your own music. - explain how to put music onto Spotify and iTunes. - explain about music licensing and how to register your work. - offer guidance on how to come up with simple melodies and why hooks are important. - give advice and an insight into what simple studio gear to buy to start a home studio. - explain how to simply use Logic to record.

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