Luke Wright

Poet Laureate


Fri 4 Oct








£11.50 concessions, £13.50 full

Following his rave reviewed performances of What I Learned From Johnny Bevan (2016), The Toll (2017) and Frankie Vah (2018) we are thrilled to welcome Luke Wright back to Barbican Theatre with his new performance “Poet Laureate”

There was a collective gnashing of teeth and beating of breasts across the land when Wrighty didn’t get the royal nod to take up the position of Poet Laureate this year. Still, he’s an irrepressible sort of chap, so he’s bought his own sherry and hit the road with a show the critics are calling his best yet.

Luke Wright is on a mission to write poems to unite a nation divided by austerity and Brexit. Can it be done? Can one poet ever really represent an entire nation?

Big-hearted and quick witted, Wright’s poems have been lauded by everyone from Patti Smith to The Libertines. A Fringe First and Stage Award winner, Wright is truly a wordsmith and raconteur at the topof his game.

Commissioned by The Inn Crowd


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“Fierce, wistful, romantic and witty by turns, this is a sensational hour of poetry.” (Poet Laureate)

The Stage

"Luke Wright doesn’t mince his words. His performances rumble with rage, passion and humour. They are also peppered with brilliantly smart observations. You will leave his show brimming with energy, heart pounding and brain whirring.” (Poet Laureate)

The Guardian

“He will tell it how it is but will not preach about mistakes, instead he will use his own self as an example. Those were the golden moments of this performance where one is hit with the truth yet can unwind and laugh at another persons relatable troubles in life.” (Poet Laureate)

Theatre Weekly

“One of the funniest and most brilliant poets of his generation”

The Independent

“As Luke rants, roars and pours his heart out we are all touched and held tight by this lyrical tour de force.”



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