Stories of ReBels Who Changed the World

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Tuedays 5pm - 9pm at Barbican Theatre

Stories of ReBels Who Changed The World are for anyone aged 12-25.
This project will be inspired by real life Rebels who have shaken up the course of history! We will take inspiration from people that changed the music, dance or social  scene and you will pick who they are. Who inspires you? Who is important to you? How do you want to celebrate them? 
As an ensemble and as individuals you can take responsibility for a chapter and explore a person, a group of people and their culture through an art form or fusion of art forms e.g. music tracks, films, dance styles, monologues,  films,  spoken word and original music or music covers.
You will work with  a professional team to train and build a show in small groups or as individual ReBels being coached and mentored through the process. 
There will also be two large ensemble pieces we will be working on together as a big team for the full term as a mix of ReBels and professionals.  Think punk cat walks, voguing, rave mash ups, MC and spoken word riffs, commercial roller skating routines, hip hop theatre, expressive solos and live music with spoken word or parkour theatre.
The Sky is the limit!
The summer term runs from w/c 2 May - w/c 11 July

How to join ReBels?

There are two forms for you to choose from: 
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(and no worries if you change your mind and want to change sessions after you've signed up / paid - if there's still space in the other sessions we'll swap you over)

Help With Payment

We don't want money to be a barrier to joining our sessions. If you'd like to chat through payment options with one of our team please drop our ReBels Co-ordinator, Dulcima, an email at 
We also have a number of bursaries for free annual membership available from for those aged 12-25 living within the St Peter & Waterfront Ward of Plymouth. Please click here for details of eligibility.
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Barbican Theatre is a safe space

Safe to be who you are, regardless of race, class, religion, country of origin, immigration status, (dis)ability, age, gender, identity, or sexual orientation.
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Why We Exist...

We believe that young people's creativity has no limits or restrictions

How we do the Why...

You can't be what you can't see.

A young person should encounter endless different creative outlets and opportunities to help find the best way to express themselves. Without financial, social or cultural barriers.

What ReBels do...

We provide project focussed training groups that allow young people to experience and develop with mutiple artforms and styles, while focussing on one production or performance. We listen to our young people to find out what they want - if we don't already cover subjects or artforms they want that's how we find out and develop with and for them.


In order to ensure our young people are still able to engage with activities and their Practitioners we have launched B-Hive which is an online resource featuring videos of tutorials, challenges and activities suitable for all involved with Performance Training classes (as well as others who might just want to create or move while they are in isolation)