ReBels Masterclasses

Your Thursday nights sorted!

The ReBel masterclasses have two strands.

There will be weekly masterclasses for 15-25 year old that will give you a space to learn, ask questions and hear from industry experts about anything and everything to do with the cultural sector. We will run 5 every half term - on producing, freelancing, technical skills, digital and overviewing a specific industry.

These are FREE and exclusively for our ReBel Talent Development Training members. You can attend as many as you'd like (if there are spaces obviously!)

We will also be running monthly 2 day masterclasses for anyone in the city who wants to get a chance to really delve in deep into a new skill. These will be for a maximum of 13 people and will be hands on sessions on anything and everything from VJing, puppetry, greenscreen motion capture to writing your own protest songs.

We think it's important that you get to see, hear and learn from the best and get a chance to hear about and get excited about all the creative careers you could have.

It doesn't matter if you know nothing about the subject- take a risk and see where these masterclasses take you.

Learn about everything from how a record gets made and distributed to fundraising, how to do your tax return, producing outdoor events, to what a dramaturg is and who on earth is a 'fixer'.

Our first term of Thursday Night Masterclasses will feature: 

Digital (D)
Overview (O)
Freelance (F)
Production (P)
Technical (T)

Thur 1 October 6pm - 8pm: Digital ReBel Premiere. (D)

The Butterfly Effect is a new Digital ReBels film co-created by the Barbican Theatre's Young ReBels Ellie Macpherson, Ella Clarke, Jonny Hibbs and Chloe Fear.

Using dance and technology to explore memories of our bodies in isolation, this project is a combination of a digital and analogue creative process whilst locked away from each-other.

Our Young ReBels collective choreographed content and designed the digital and visual world alongside digital artist Zack Walker, film maker Dan Martin, practioners Daisy Harrison & Harry Scott, and producers Laura Kriefman & Suzie West.

At the premiere the Digital ReBels team will introduce you to the project, showcase their amazing work, before Laura Kriefman and Suzie West lead a discussion with guests about this creative process in lockdown and their reasons for choosing to work with technology, film and dance. This is an open discussion where the team and guests will have the opportunity to engage in asking questions, opening up discussion and future thinking.

How can we move this project forward? Where else can it exist? Where else and how else is this process / project relevant and useful for young makers? Why? Why not?

The premiere will be held in the Barbican Theatre auditorium on Thursday 1 October 2020 from 6pm - 7pm and will be socially distanced. Guests will be asked to wear face masks (unless exempt) until they are seated.

Thur 8 October 6pm - 8pm: Laura Kriefman: What's Next For The Barbican? (O)

I’m Laura Kriefman – the new CEO of the Barbican, Plymouth. I started 4 days before lockdown, and have probably had one of the ultimate ‘baptism of fire’ – having to close 2 venues, and find a new future for the organisation during Lockdown and everything we have all been experiencing. I have been applying everything I’ve learnt through my collaborative work worldwide about adapting, changing, doing more for less, in new ways, with different people to redefine the Barbican’s future.

The Barbican is committed to building Plymouth’s cultural voice. We have been working for 40 years with 12-25 year olds to inspire the next generation of artists and entrepreneurs to find their creative voices, which are often unheard.

During lockdown, and despite 5 of our team being furloughed, we have worked hard to continue to support our freelance practitioner community and all the young adults who participate in our classes. We have had over 37,000 engagements in our online materials and classes.  We are also delivering 4 projects across the city this summer.

In this Masterclass I'll be talking about my background, the next phase of Barbican Theatre's work and be asking ReBels what they would like to see us do!

Thur 15 October 6pm - 8pm: Where's the Cash? Fundraising with Hannah Harris, CEO Plymouth Culture (F)

Hannah Harris from Plymouth Culture, will be leading a masterclass Where's the Cash? She'll give you tips and tricks about how to find funding, leverage more money, how to understand the language used and how to figure out what the funders really want you to say. All things that can help demystify fundraising and make finding money for projects a fraction easier.

Thur 22 October 6pm - 8pm: How Not To Kill Anyone (Risk assessments for the world!) (P)

Join Jamie Smith (ReBels Production Manager) for a masterclass on risk assessments for events and performance activity.

Jamie has over 10 years experience of production management for Theatre, Dance and live events and has been evolved in the planning stages for many large and small scale productions with  Barbican Theatre.

By the end of the session you will have a good understanding of the process in which risk assessments are created, how to not fall over the obvious hurdles or trip into the pit of doom.

Risk assessments are a crucial part to creating and running your own events or workshops, with this knowledge you will be able to confidently write your own and achieve the imaginable dream idea.

90mins presentation with a chance to ask questions.

Thur 29 October 6pm - 8pm: Tech 101 - Say what? (T)

This masterclass will be a whistle-stop tour of what it means to be a technician in the theatre industry. Learning the technical basics and exploring how we use lighting and sound to bring together all the elements of a show and immerse our audience in the production. You will learn about different types of lanterns and lighting systems, as well as exploring sound systems and industry standard software. Led by Nathan Benjamin, Theatre Technical Manager at Plymouth Marjon University, and freelance lighting designer and technician, who has worked on shows across the south west in a range of venues from large theatres to intimate village halls."

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