ReBels: ages 15 – 25

Sessions are back 'in real life' from Tue 20 April!

Our ReBels Talent Development Training Sessions return from Tuesday 20 April 2021 and we're super excited to say they're back at Barbican Theatre and The Loft and now include a weekly ReBels Music session and we're keeping our Thursday Technique Classes for Acting and Dance!
Check out what we have planned for our Summer term sessions below. You can choose as many sessions for your age group as you like and it will still only cost you £60 for an entire year (so if you join now your fee will cover you until the end of March 2022!)
Obviously if you joined back in the Autumn or Spring term you won't have to pay again until September!
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ReBels: what's happening in Spring 2021 classes

Our nine15-25 groups will be project based, with some creating work or performances for Barbican Theatre's big Petrol Headz spectacle at Plymouth Speedway  at the end of August and other pop up peformances across the city this summer. after the successful launch of ReBels Music earlier this year we're also launching a weekly ReBels Music session on Tuesdays, plus Acting and Dance Techniques sesions on Thursdays, which are also all included within your annual £60 ReBels fee...

Tuesdays (for ages 15 - 25)

(click on the + by each one for more details about sessions)

5:30pm - 7pm Reuse, ReBrand, Remake (Design / Make / Compose)
Be part of the production team of our Petrol Headz summer spectacle, designing costumes, sound scores and sets. With guest drop ins from the show's musical director, costume designers, set designers and artists to upcycle and design costumes, build junkyard set pieces and create artwork or  VJ installations.
This session is open to those aged 12-25.

With Tabby and Kate at Barbican Theatre, Castle Street (Auditorium)


6:15pm - 8:30pm ReBels Music (Music) - starts 27 April
Develop skills and learn about songwriting, DJing, beat making and vocal harmonies. Sessions will go through all these different styles and then give you the opportunity to create a piece of music. We will then be building to create some music for two productions over the term

With Benny Lau-Crispin, Alex Hart and Daisy Higman at Barbican Theatre, Castle Street (Studio)

7:30pm - 9pm Storytelling & Creative Projection (Digital / Tech)
Building a pop up projection performances that include still s learnt last term and combine it with Storytelling  with Jamie Smith & Seb Berry. Ready for Hatchlings. You will program and diverse with new tech, mini projectors and story making to create a key scene for a big summer production taking place in the city.

With Jamie Smith, Seb Berry &  special guests at Barbican Theatre, Castle Street (Auditorium)

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Wednesdays (for ages 15 - 25)

(click on the + by each one for more details about sessions)

6pm - 7:30pm: Dancing On Cars (Dance / Movement)
Dancing on Cars - Yup, dancing on cars! You'll be designing 'dance battles' for performance in Barbican Theatre’s Petrol Headz summer spectacle in August.
Working with commercial dance fusion as a team to make a rhythmic, noisy, performance on and in a number of stationary cars. Guest musicians Jason Singh and Benji Isbal will be on hand to create scores and music for your performance.

With Daisy Harrison and Ariel Born at Barbican Theatre, Castle Street (Auditorium)


6pm - 7:30pm: Create Your Own Music (Music / Theatre)
Develop technique and skills to create your own performance. Work with others to create unique and different work combining theatre, music and creation of sound. Find your ability to explore, develop, make, and showcase your own work, building confidence in your expression.

With Daisy Higman and Alex Hart at Barbican Theatre, Castle Street (Studio)

6pm - 7:30pm: Writing & Performance  (Spoken Word / Theatre / Writing)
In these sessions you'll be combining spoken word and performance text to work towards creating your own unique style and type of live performance (such as theatre, dance, music, installation) for a city wide collection of 'pop-up' performance opportunities.

With Charlotte Kransmo & Shaday Barrowes at the Loft, Sutton Harbour

7:45pm - 9:15pm: Petrol Headz Mass Movement (Dance / Movement)
Fusing contemporary and hip hop movement styles to create a set of tricks and phrases ready for a mass dance battle!
Tricks, short solos, playful battles and jams will start in the studio and across the term, build into a performance for our big Petrol Headz summer spectacle in August. 

With Daisy Harrison and Kadus Smith at Barbican Theatre, Castle Street (Auditorium)


7:45pm - 9:15pm: Cityscape Creativity (Music / Film / Digital / Creativity)
Developing protest film and installations, you will work as a team to find ways to make a statement with live performance and digital projections. The sessions will give you time to experiment and make with music, film and projection with the final outcomes being places as an installation city spaces and onto cars.

With Ellie Woolman and Sally Burne at Barbican Theatre, Castle Street (Studio)

7:45pm - 9:15pm: Rumour Mill (Theatre / Storytelling / Film)
Ensemble storytelling & film.
Building physical performance and films to create 'hype messages' and 'urban myth' around our Petrol Headz summer spectacle in August
You will also have the opportunity to develop 'character pop ups' to appear in the Petrol Headz event field.

With Kevin Johnson and Charlotte Eaton at The Loft, Sutton Harbour

Barbican Theatre ReBels perform in Plymouth City Centre 10 Dec 2020

Thursdays (for ages 15 - 25)

On Thursdays we will be running techniques sessions, offering ReBels opportunities to develop their skills in monologues, working with scripts and other associated acting practices, and for dance refining and developing contemporary dance techniques.

(click on the + by each one for more details about sessions)

5:30pm - 7:15pm: Acting Techniques with The Wheel
Explore the actor’s craft and help you develop your acting core skills.
This class provides high quality acting training, focused on your development as actors and performers.  These classes will cover a variety of skills whilst staying true to Barbican Theatre Plymouth ethos of a safe environment to explore your creativity. These classes are run by The Wheel  and work alongside the other ReBels Training classes, providing you with more focused skills. They can also be independent sessions if you are unable to join in with ReBels on different evenings.
Whilst working cohesively as a company, this training opportunity also provides the space to focus on each individual actor. Working throughout the year on building confidence, a creative voice and establishing strengths through individual coaching will empower each individual to make decisions about how to pursue further artistic training or work. We acknowledge that as actors you have an aim to pursue a wide range of career paths, and that their goals may shift while training.
Sessions during the first part of the summer term will focus on ‘Approaches to Scriptwork’: how to navigate the text and bring the script to life, explore characters and their relationships - who are they and what do they want. Through the classes we will explore a range of scripts which demand different things from the actor. This would be useful for those who are considering a career in performance or those who would like to develop their acting skills.

With The Wheel’s Co-Directors Kevin Johnson and Amanda Collins, with assistance from Danny Laine at Barbican Theatre, Castle Street (Auditorium)]

These sessions are included in your £60 annual ReBels membership fee.
7:30pm - 9pm: Contemporary Dance Techniques
Develop your contemporary dance techniques with our experienced dance professionals.
22 April - 27 May with Lizzie Moulds & Harry Scott 
10 June - 15 July Nadje Schaeffer & Harry Scott  

at Barbican Theatre, Castle Street (Auditorium)

These sessions are included in your £60 annual ReBels membership fee.
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How to join ReBels?

To register for a place in ReBels please complete the form on this page or email James at 
Sessions: Tuesdays 5:30pm - 7pm and 7:30pm - 9pm, Wednesdays 6pm - 7:30pm and 7:45pm - 9:15pm and Thursdays 5:30pm - 7:15pm and 7:30pm - 9pm
Venues: Barbican Theatre, Castle Street, Plymouth PL1 2NJ and The Loft, Vauxhall Quay Sutton Harbour Plymouth PL4 0DN
Payment: Once you have signed up we will confirm your place and send you a link to pay your £60 annual fee (please note we are a small team so this may take a day or two!)

Sign up (ages 15-25) 

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Why We Exist...

We believe that young people's creativity has no limits or restrictions

How we do the Why...

You can't be what you can't see.

A young person should encounter endless different creative outlets and opportunities to help find the best way to express themselves. Without financial, social or cultural barriers.

What ReBels do...

We provide project focussed training groups that allow young people to experience and develop with mutiple artforms and styles, while focussing on one production or performance. We listen to our young people to find out what they want - if we don't already cover subjects or artforms they want that's how we find out and develop with and for them.


In order to ensure our young people are still able to engage with activities and their Practitioners we have launched B-Hive which is an online resource featuring videos of tutorials, challenges and activities suitable for all involved with Performance Training classes (as well as others who might just want to create or move while they are in isolation)