We are currently programming work for Autumn/Winter 2023

We are currently not programming any more shows at the Barbican Theatre for Spring 2023 as we are producing a large number of events around Plymouth.
We are, however, interested in hearing from companies wanting to tour in Autumn/Winter 2023
Please ensure that your work aligns with our programming values which you can find to find here: click here
Pay What You Decide is a big priority for us here at the Barbican Theatre Plymouth so please take this into consideration when getting in touch.
As Barbican Theatre moves into a new position as Cultural Producers for Plymouth we believe our role is to create dynamic, relevant, exciting and surprising programming that responds to our values of co-creation, transparency and building “Plymouth’s creative voice and giving it a platform”. 

What work do we programme?

We work as producers to co-create live performance work across the cityOur audience is predominantly under 35, and culturally curious. Seeking shows, artists and work that presents stories and ideas on stage that audiences in Plymouth will not have had a chance to encounter before. 
In the theatre we love to programme a real variety of work including Theatre, Dance, Spoken Word, Drag & Cabaret, Comedy and Live Music. We have a 140 seat theatre that’s great for live performance pieces that excel with a more contained audience. Inside our theatre we can also offer technical and venue support with our brilliant in-house team.
We’re particularly interested in hearing from creatives exploring new dance fusions, working with technology in live performance and combining different art-forms together to bring new stories to life.
We’re obsessed with talent development- so love to programme artists and companies who can provide workshops and site responsive pieces as part of their performance package.
Final Language is an Ocean Portrait by Frederic Aranda sq 150dpi
Bishi (Image: Frederic Aranda)

How do we make a decision?

Low Res Show Image
First Time, Dibby Theatre
We hold fortnightly programming meetings as a whole team where we discuss the applications we have received.
We use the following criteria when assessing an application:
  • Does this performance bring something Plymouth hasn't had a chance to encounter before?
  • Does this performance provide a voice and platform to an under-represented group?
  • Does this performance build on our under 35's audience appetite?
  • Is this company creating something vital that we feel needs to be supported?
  • What is the legacy of the performance - are there workshop or outreach opportunities?

How can I contact you about programming?

If you've read through this page and think your work might fit our programme, then please do get in touch with us. Sending us a tour pack is the best way to help us make a decision.
Your tour pack should include the following information:
  • Name of company/artist & title of your show
  • Potential touring period or dates you would be interested 
  • Information regarding your show, including images/video (these really help us when making a decision!)
  • Technical specifications, if they are ready
  • Potential deal you might be asking for
Barbican Theatre's technical specifications can be downloaded here  if you have anything in your show you think might be tricky tech-wise.
Please send this information by email to

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