Gabi Marcellus-Temple ‘Drawn To Ride’

Gabi Marcellus-Temple is a multidisciplinary artist who regularly travels by bus in and around the Plymouth area. She has spent the past months regularly sketching on buses, at bus stops and around the city, led a sketching workshop on the buses and interviewed five Plymouth based artists about their practice, traveling to different parts of the city with them.
Sound specialist: Gabi has been supported on this project by HiP.P, an experimental sound artist based in Cornwall, who has recorded and edited the recorded interviews used. They even got sketched a couple of times sitting in her view on the bus!
As well as Gabi’s work from the residency and the winning entries from a drawing competition held in February, the artists’ work is displayed here (click on the right hand image).
Scroll down to listen to the interview podcasts with the 5 artists. 
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Artwork Gallery
2D and 3D versions of the sketches produced at the workshops will be displayed in our gallery at the main Meet Me At The Sundial event on Plymouth Piazza (and at the Sundial of course!) on Saturday 25 March.


Listen to interviews with the Creatives who have worked with Gabi on this commission:

Angie Wickenden (1)

Angie Wickenden

Angie is a multidisciplinary artist and experimental archaeologist based in Ernesettle. Having specialised in ceramics and their production in the neolithic era - and even appeared on TimeTeam - she has recently begun to work with basketry, using traditional methods and locally-sourced materials.


Helen Moore (1)

Helen Moore

Helen is an artist based in North Stonehouse who works with permaculture and community gardening as a social art practice. She runs groups locating and taking over abandoned patches and waste ground and turning them into beautiful community assets for everyone to enjoy.


Jez Menis (1)

Jez Menis

Jez is an armourer, blacksmith and teacher based in Devonport, who has many years experience. He specialises in creating bespoke pieces for film, television and historical recreation, as well as offering regular classes and experience days.


Louise Rabey (1)

Louise Rabey

Louise is an artist and illustrator based in St Judes. She specialises in everything cute and fluffy while also using her work to highlight issues like mental illness and anxiety and bring these into the public eye.She is currently working to produce her own zine and webcomic.


Steve Clement-Large (1)

Steve Clement-Large

Steve is a multidisciplinary artist based in Woolwell, to the north of the city. He works with painting, drawing and photography and is well known for his unique and distinctive style. 



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