Draft FUSE programme 2019-20

The schedule for the Fuse programme 2019/20 is drafted below. There is some flexibility about the July & August residencies, as we are aware that work calendars may be already booked. From September onwards you must be able to commit to the dates listed as these are contracted with guest companies.

July 2019 Fuse Team residency

16 -21 July 2019 –  5 Days

FUSE team to meet for first residency, training in co -creation & partnership pedagogy, dancing together and designing a programme of delivery.

2 July – 18 August – 2 Days            

FUSE Team Meeting their outreach groups and planning engagement project

August 2019 Community Engagement

18 August  – 1 Day

Planning Day

27 –  31 August – 4 Days

Community workshops set up for different groups of people across the city

September 2019 Residency with Alleyne Dance & Respect Festival

10 – 13 September – 4 Days

2 Days: FUSE Team & Alleyne Dance create two duets.

2 Days: Alleyne Dance devising with the FUSE Team & local  professional dancers

14 September   Respect Festival

1 Day: FUSE Team & Alleyne Dance masterclasses

1 Day: Time to devise & support young dancers

October 2019 Chhaya Collective & ‘Movers & Shakers’ Platform

2 – 14  October – 3 Days

1 Day: Devising with young dancers

2 Days: Planning Illuminate

14 -25 October –  2 Days

Chhaya Collective residency for Wild Women curtain raiser.

26 October – 1 Day

Movers & Shakers Platform

November 2019 Illuminate (tbc)

2 Days : Rehearsals for Fuse Team to develop work made for Respect.

1 Day: Per practitioner to deliver Dance For Freedom flash mob workshops to groups.

1 Day: Illuminate Cast Rehearsal & Performance

December 2019 Community Engagement

1 Day:  Introductory workshops with writers, film makers, storytellers etc to build creative conversations and co-creation ideas for collaborating associate groups on Movers & Shakers 2.

1 Day: Introductory workshop for 4 pairs of commissioned professional dancers to devise  duos/ collaborations with storytellers/ musicians etc.

1 Day: Time to meet/ talk/ build relationships with community groups

1 Day: Filming with the young dancers

January & February 2020  Production


28hours of contact time to rehearse for the production

16th -20th Feb – 5 Days

Allenye Dance residency with FUSE to devise & co-perform a chapter
Allenye Dance evening residency with participants & Fuse to devise a section
Markers & Shapers mentored

March Evaluation        

1 Day evaluation of the project & analysis of health & wellbeing statistics.