Chloe Georgakis ‘Bus Views’

Over the last few months I have been travelling on Plymouth’s buses and using the bus window as a viewfinder into the city. I have been gathering together fragments of these journeys through my own and other passengers, drawings, photographs and words. I wanted to invite people to share their experiences with me in a variety of forms, because we all observe and remember in different ways.
At times the journeys were very peaceful. I learnt how sunsets, sea-views and passing by old familiar places keeps people mindful and supports their well-being. At other times the bus was more playful, full of chatter and human connection. The visual qualities of the bus window became an inspiration for me, its form, how lights and water reflects off it, and how condensation covers it. 
My final artwork is a collective scrapbook of these journeys. It layers up passing scenes and memories, and imprints them onto a travelling window. From mid-March the installation will be popping up around Plymouth’s Heritage Action Zone and will be stationed in the City Bus shop. I hope others will enjoy passing, pausing and looking through the bus view lens. 

Gallery of Chloe's processes creating her Meet Me At The Sundial commission. 

The winning Bus Views photograph - taken by Chris Parkes of the Roland Levinsky building within the University Of Plymouth campus.

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